Each year during our gap year, OneLife students get the opportunity to travel on a few unique trips. Check out some of our previous and recent trips that our students have been on.
(Trips vary based on the OneLife site)  




From blacksmiths, to lawyers, to herbalists. Learn outside the classroom through day trips in the local community.



service Projects

Whether it be tutoring kids, or working with senior citizens,  Every OneLife student volunteers in the local community for 4 hours every week. 


Number of OneLife Students

Number of students per year

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Hours OneLife Students Have Served


9 Months= 30 College Credits

HOW IT'S DONE: 4 Week Rotation


Week 2: Experiential Learning Day Trips

Week 3: Teach Back Week

Week 4: Travel Week
See where we Go

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When not traveling, students take classes, volunteer, host events, hang out, explore, and build deep and lasting community.


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“I have grown in the intellectual side of my faith. Learning more about theology and philosophy and scripture have all deepened my faith and widened my base of knowledge. My worldview is both expanding as I learn and refining as I become more and more sure of what I believe.”
— Sarah (Central, South Carolina)

Hey Alumni! 

Check our our social media to see more photos of our alumni cruise!

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What Comes After OneLife?

OneLife propels you to begin your career with many different options. Our students have pursued 4 year colleges and universities, 2 year professional degrees, or have gone straight into the workforce. 


Degrees Pursued After OneLife

  • Business

  • Early Education

  • Sports Management

  • Social Work

  • Special Education

  • Counseling

  • Nursing

  • Physicians Assistant

  • Civil Engineering

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Music Performance

  • Theology

  • Psychology

  • Micro Biology

  • Ministry/Missions

Professional Degrees After OneLife

  • Nursing

  • Radiology

  • Cosmetology

  • Paralegal

  • Mechtronic

  • Graphic Design

  • Preschool Ed

  • Massage Therapy

Workforce After OneLife

  • Construction

  • Family Business

  • Non Profit Services

  • National Guard

  • Business Start-up

  • Photography

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