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Where will we god take us next?

Your Role

Originally OneLife began by partnering with colleges, using their facilities as a “home base” for the students. Recently we have seen the benefits of partnering with camps. The seclusion and simplicity of camp life provides an optimal environment for our students to “unplug” from our fast-paced culture and get in tune with God and each other.

By helping start a OneLife franchise, you would be ministering not only to your off-season patrons, but also to a group of 24 hungry young people. By partnering with us you are exponentially increasing your sphere of influence. As our students travel they are proclaiming the name of Jesus, and they will also be a representation of your organization. The benefits to both you and us are outstanding. We would provide the staff to help keep your site running smoothly, while you would provide meals and housing for our students. 


  • We have a heart for life change.

  • Use your facility for more ministry.

  • You can reduce your staff needs, students give time for lodging.

  • Potential Long-term staff for your ministry.

  • Built in summer staff who already know facility.

  • Help extend your ministry’s sphere of influence through donor relations, speakers, and students.

  • We bring in our partners, speakers and influencers to share with you.


The details of the partnership are simple: OneLife would provide the staff, the students, and the curriculum. You would need to provide the housing, the meals and the facilities. Details concerning the budget and other operational instructions will be catered to each site’s individual needs and resources. 

The organizations that we have already partnered with are praising our students and sharing just how much of a blessing it has been to their ministry to walk alongside of the OneLife students that reside on their campus.

The ministry and franchise of OneLife wants to walk and grow alongside of you and your ministry. Like you, we are on a God-given mission to make disciples and to see those disciples live out their faith wherever they are. We do not want to just be another source of income to you and we do not want you to just be another OneLife location for us. We want to steward this discipleship program to the maximum degree and we believe our partnership will glorify God in doing so. God has abundantly blessed you as an organization and we would love to walk alongside you as you seek to disciple more lives and make a bigger difference for the kingdom.

Overall, partnering with OneLife and hosting students enhances the quality and effectiveness of the ministry of Three Springs… The “heart-beat” of Three Springs Ministries is to maximize spiritual formation in the lives of young adults. This is, of course, the goal of OneLife as well.
— Jeff Rush, Three Springs Ministries