If you are a Missionary Kid (MK) or Third Culture Kid (TCK) we believe OneLife is a great place for you!

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“OneLife was a growing and awesome experience for me! It was during OneLife that God taught me how to hand over my worry about the future. Now, I still do not know what the future holds, but I do know that God has it all in His hand. God taught me so many lessons and concepts during OneLife that I am still using today. The leadership and staff invested so much of their time and energy in me and encouraged me to grow in my faith. I still have relationships with many of my fellow OneLifers. In fact, some of them are my closest friends. During that nine months, God taught me more about what being His child looks like. It isn’t being perfect, or having no problems. It is God’s free gift of grace through faith in Him (Ephesians 2:8-9).”

– Jessica Lippy, MK from The Gambi


"To my fellow MKs or TCKs, here is why I would highly recommend considering OneLife: It may seem like you have nothing in common with a group of Americans who have maybe lived in one place their whole lives. But, if you come to OneLife, you will have one very significant thing in common - a shared passion to know and follow Jesus (assuming that is your desire). This will unify you more than anything. Friendships built on that foundation, in a small community, can go deep quickly, become very close, give you a place in this country, and support you through the pain and tears of transition. And most importantly, OneLife will begin to help you find your belonging, your anchor, your roots, and your home in Jesus Christ."

- Mariah Banke, MK from Niger

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“The OneLife community was a place, for me, that I was comfortable asking questions. I had plenty of opportunities in one on one moments and group situations to ask peers and OneLife staff about transitioning to life here in the U.S. The group was also very diverse. We created our own culture that was sort of a "half entrance" into life here.”

– Kris Tanquist, MK from Senegal