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  1. What is a “gap year” and why should I take one?

A gap year is defined as taking a “break” from formal education, “typically between high school and college, in order to deepen practical, professional, and personal awareness.”

For Christian students, taking a gap year before going to college creates a remarkable opportunity to think more deeply and intentionally about the person God is calling him or her to be. Many students who struggle in college do so because they are not able to articulate reasons or explain the goals for going to college. College has become the assumed next step after high school, with very little thought about why.

OneLife exists because we believe that taking a gap year forces students out of the routine of “schooling” and into a deeper relationship with God. Students who participate in gap year programs have proven to be far more prepared for the transition to college and adulthood.

2. What is the main focus (outcomes) of the OneLife gap year program?

OneLife students:

1.     Form Christian Character

2.    Clarify Your Calling

3.    Develop Relational Wisdom

3. What is OneLife looking for in a student?

Here is the OneLife student profile:

·        Post-high-school to 21 years of age

·        Willingness to step outside of their comfort zone to learn

·        Loves travel and adventure

·        Appreciates learning both inside and outside the classroom

·        Desires to learn and grow in Christian faith & biblical knowledge

·        Demonstrates leadership qualities

·        Expresses a desire to be teachable

·        Exhibits moral character and conduct

·        Maintains a positive attitude toward authority

4. I already did a year (or two) of college. Can I still do OneLife?

YES! Many of our students have completed some college before coming to OneLife. For those students, OneLife can be an opportunity to re-focus, to gain more direction in life and to take a “break” in order to build a stronger relationship with God.

5. How much does OneLife cost?

Enrollment in OneLife prices vary based on location. The prices range from $14,900-$22,900. This covers EVERYTHING: tuition, books, room and board, and all travel expenses. There are no additional fees. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Please contact us regarding financial aid and all financial concerns.

6. Does OneLife offer financial aid?

YES! OneLife students are enrolled as full-time college students and are eligible for government and private scholarships that are awarded based on eligibility requirements.

7. How do OneLife students earn college credits?

OneLife is fully accredited, both regionally & nationally, due to its partnership with Southern Wesleyan University and Cairn University. OneLife students complete 10, three-credit courses, for 30 credits.

8. What courses do OneLife students take?

Onelife is proud partners of Cairn University and Southern Wesleyan University!

Cairn University Credits

Three Springs, Pinebrook, and Lancaster Locations

BIB100:  Introduction to the Bible

BIB101:  Pentateuch

THE100:  Introduction to Christian Theology

COM101:  Speech

CHM121: Ministry Leadership and Management

HUM141: Christianity and Culture

BIB211: The Gospels

SOC202:  Sociocultural Studies

CHM 222: Spiritual Formation

BUS470: Personal Finance

Southern Wesleyan University Credits


SEMR 2323: Foundations for Success (3 credits)

RELG 2403: Basic Christian Beliefs (3 credits)

SEMR 1503: Life Calling (3 credits)

ENG 2103: Speech Communication (3 credits)

RELG 1993: Intro to Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3 credits)


BIBL 1023: New Testament Survey (3 credits)

RELG 2013: Intro to Intercultural Ministry (3 credits)

INCS 3563: Global (outside USA) Internship (3 credits)


Course Code Pending Peer Leadership and Team Building (3 credits)

9. Will my credits transfer to other colleges?

Short answer: YES!

Longer answer: All OneLife students will have an official transcript from Southern Wesleyan University or Cairn University with 30 credits. All credits are transferable. All of the credits, however, may not apply to certain programs at other colleges.

10. How do I become a OneLife student? What is the admissions process?

Path to enrollment:

1.  Online Application

2. Spiritual recommendation

3.   Interview with OneLife staff

4. Transcript

5. SAT or ACT Scores

6. FASFA (Financial Aid)

11. Where do students travel?

OneLife loves to travel. Our trips allow students to (1) see what God is doing in other parts of His world; (2) connect to the larger body of Christ; (3) develop travel and navigational skills; and (4) engage cultural differences and other worldviews.

Students experience lots of day trips and weekend service opportunities. They also take 5-7 longer trips during the year.

Check out the Adventure Page to see where OneLife Students have gone!

12. OneLife sounds amazing. I’d love to take a “gap year” and travel overseas and have fun, but I’m 55 years old and have a family. Can I still do OneLife?

No. Sorry. (We get this question all the time.)

13. Is OneLife too good to be true?

No. If you can’t believe that OneLife could possibly be as amazing as it sounds, please contact us or visit us ASAP. We would love the opportunity to show and tell you all about it!

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