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We are asking 1,000 people to join the mission of OneLife.

Why? There's a problem

Youth and young adults lack purpose and direction in their lives.

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Some recent articles have stated: 

The loss of faith among the non-college attending young adults has little to do with secularizing ideology. It simply results from a lack of intentionality and direction in their lives. Those who seem to drift through these formative and transitional years with no definite goals or plans likely bring this same attitude and action to their faith life. - The Gospel Coalition

Looking at the long view, the generational spans are striking. Whereas 85% of the silent generation (born 1928-1945) call themselves Christians, just 56% of today's younger millennials (born 1990-1996) do the same, even though the vast majority -- about eight in 10 -- were raised in religious homes. Each successive generation of Americans includes fewer Christians, Pew has found. To put it simply: Older generations of Americans are not passing along the Christian faith as effectively as their forebears. - CNN

In ministry circles, it has long been reported that of youth raised in homes that were to some degree “Christian,” roughly three-quarters will jettison that faith after high school. Just under half of this number will return to some level of church involvement in their late 20s or early 30s. - Fox News


The Details

What is Extraordinary Give?

In just 6 days of giving, the Extraordinary Give has raised more than $31 MILLION for organizations across the Lancaster County community! Thanks to Presenting Sponsors Rodgers & Associates, the High Foundation, and other supporters, this year will offer the biggest Stretch Pool to date at more than $500,000. Mark your calendars for November 16, 2018 as we work together to make this the biggest Extraordinary Give yet!

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What is OneLife?

OneLife is a nine month Christian Gap Year program for students who want to grow in their faith, experience genuine community, serve others, and travel while earning credits for college.

Did you know?

  • Over 60% of Onelife graduates continue their education or start their careers in Lancaster.

  • Onelife has served over 64,000 hours in the community.

  • Onelife students are committed to the local church.

  • 91% of our students would be unable to attend Onelife without the support of our donors.