Cairn University
Enrollment Specialist: (20 hours a week)

Position Description:

The Enrollment Specialist’s primary goal is to help each applicant start their story book called life. The Enrollment Specialist creates a sense of urgency for all applied OneLife students while establishing a close relationship with each student individually. They work to improve OneLife’s visibility and familiarity throughout the community and attract potential students. The Enrollment Specialist will work with the recruiting team to help each student move from applying to depositing and from depositing to arriving on the first day of OneLife. It is the role of the Enrollment Specialist to make every step in a student’s journey to OneLife MEMORABLE. 


Job Responsibilities:

Deposit to Arrival

The Enrollment Specialist will have the primary role of creating a sense of urgency for all students. To do this, there will be continual improvement in sales procedures and processes. The Enrollment Specialist not only creates a sense of urgency, but they also will assist the Site Director in selecting the best suited students to be a part of the OneLife program.

The Enrollment Specialist will work with the students to complete their college applications through Cairn University’s system. They will collect ACT scores, transcripts and paper work to complete their process.


The Enrollment Specialist will be a highly effective communicator to all students interested in OneLife. They will walk each applicant through the process of becoming a student by communicating effectively to all students. 


The Enrollment Specialist will be responsible for interviewing applied students. They will will then take the results of the interview to the Site Director to make the final decision on acceptance or denial.

Open House

The Enrollment Specialist will be responsible for coordinating and leading the Open House events at OneLife. The Open Houses will be done with the mindset that all things from beginning to end will be memorable.

Promote Cairn University

The Enrollment Specialist will go to our Pennsylvania locations once per semester to promote Cairn University to the OneLife students.



70% of class full by Feb 28th.


Bring 90%+ of deposits to arrival.