Your OneLife Journey is about to begin!

We here at OneLife are so excited that you are going to become part of the OneLife family. The relationships that you will form as well as the excitement you will experience will blow your mind. We are excited to come alongside you, as you become more aware of who God is and who you are in Him.

Here are a few things to be looking out for:

Key Steps: 

  1. If you have not formally applied to Cairn University, you can do that here. (Be sure to click the OneLife check box in the application) 

  2. If you have not sent your test scores or high school transcripts to Cairn, you can send that to Luke Gibson. His email is Luke Gibson <>

  3. Be sure to submit your FAFSA to Cairn University. You do not want to miss out on free money! 

  4. When all the above items are done, you will then be sent a financial award letter from Cairn University. *Note: If you have not completed all of the above steps you will not be sent an award letter. 

  5. For those who are not going to complete the FAFSA, we will send an award letter in the month of April. 

  6. OneLife is offering scholarships separate from Cairn University! We will be sending individual emails to each student with your OneLife awards. There will be a OneLife line item on the Cairn financial award letter indicating how much you will receive from OneLife as well. 

  7. If you have already received an award letter, you will be sent a second one with the OneLife scholarship amount. 

Key Dates: 

  • 2 weeks after application submission – All deposited OneLife students will be receiving a Financial Award Letter from Cairn. 

  • May 1st - June 15th - Our Site Directors will be sending each of you an academic calendar, packing list, and the trips you will be attending after this year’s OneLife class has commenced.

  • August 24th – Arrival to OneLife

Key Notes: 

  • If you have any Cairn financial questions, you can direct those to Luke Gibson. 

  • If you have specific site questions you can direct those to our Site Directors after May 11th. 

  • **If you are still concerened about finances after you receive your statement, please let us know! We have options for you. We never want a student to miss out on OneLife because of finances! Seriously!