ONELIFE College Courses

Cairn University Credits

Three springs Camp and Lancaster Locations

BIB100  Introduction to the Bible

THE100  Introduction to Christian Theology

BIB201  The Old Testament

BIB311 The New Testament

COM101  Speech

SOC202  Sociocultural Studies

CHM121 Ministry Leadership and Management

HUM141 Christianity and Culture

BUS470 Personal Finance

(BIB131  Archaeology and Land of the Bible)

*Courses are subject to change

southern wesleyan university Credits

SemR 2323 - Foundations for Success

INCS 2023 - Introduction to intercultural studies

Bibl 1023 - New Testament Survey

EXSC 1063 - Science of Personal Training

SEMR 1503 - Life Calling

ENGL 2103 - Speech Communication

ECON 2103 - Personal Finance

INCS 3563 - Global (outside USA) Internship